Be Unconventionally YOU!

A motivational speaker and performance coach, George Anderson’s approach to life has always been unconventional.

Graduating with a masters degree in engineering, he knew that his path to happiness lay pursuing his passion for wellbeing, and turning his back on the natural progression of his formal education.

Threading a path from the physical and nutritional world of personal training to the infinite universe of mindset and personal development, George has developed a holistic and realistic approach to wellbeing.

His own personal commitment to self-discovery and challenge as included a couple of 24 hour ultra marathons, 10 consecutive marathons, an ironman triathlon and ballroom dancing.

With his characteristically unconventional approach to these endeavours, George’s observations and deeply self-aware analysis have captivated audiences for a decade and a half.

A relentlessly curious performance coach, he blends his personal experiences and intuitive insights with an understanding of neuroscience and NLP.

As a speaker, George’s audiences quickly connect with his down to earth presence, and engage with his philosophy of progress not perfection.

An infectious optimism tempered with an appreciation of the real world, challenges perspectives on failure and set backs.

As active online as he is offline, George has built several unique communities.  In particular, his ‘On The Wagon’ Facebook group has quickly evolved into ‘one of the most positive, safe, judgement-free communities on the Internet’, according to members. Many of whom credit it with being instrumental in supporting their own mental wellbeing.

George in action!