When it comes to wellbeing, it’s not what you KNOW, it’s what you DO that makes the difference.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to give a talk at mens clothing retailer Charles Tyrwhitt on Friday as a part of their new wellbeing program.

With only a short amount of time I focused on 3 simple messages:

1) You’re the only person who can take action to improve your wellbeing

2) You don’t have to do it all: consistent progress beats short bursts of ‘perfection’

3) Look for the opportunities, not just the obstacles

It’s encouraging to see great companies like Charles Tyrwhitt implementing wellbeing programs.

‘Workplace wellbeing’ is just wellbeing, and it doesn’t stop after office hours.

If you can take positive steps to improve your physical and mental health at work, you benefit from those changes at home, with family and friends, in your community, and when it’s just you alone with your thoughts.