How to lose weight, tone up and get fit

As a personal trainer, the number one thing I got asked was ‘how do I lose weight, tone up and get fit?’

For a long time, it was all I ever taught and wrote about (well, that and running!)

Nowadays not so much, as I’m my work has leaned more towards the mindset of behaviour change.

Still very closely connected of course, but less of the nuts and bolts.

However… I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in the On The Wagon Facebook group recently asking questions about the best way to lose weight.

Or the best way to count calories…

Or which exercises tone up bingo wings…

And although I throw in my two pennies worth when I spot a post like this, I thought it might be about time I did another training on the subject.

Live training session

Something that would bring together the things that have worked best for me and my clients over the last 16 years ‘in the industry’.

Not just the what-to-eats and how-to-moves, but the little things that help you establish new behaviours and break down old habits.

How to lose weight, tone up and get fit

Over the course of an hour or so we’ll be covering some of the following…

– The exercises to do and which to avoid – What to look for when choosing the right diet for YOU

– How to stick at it and not keep going back to square one

– Breaking old habits and creating new ones

– Why calorie counting works for some and not others

– Tips on some of the other simple things you can do to help with losing weight

Register for the webinar 

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