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How to go from KNOWING what to do, to actually DOING it

End the procrastination and frustrating cycles of all or nothing 

I have a confession to make: a lot of what I'm going to show you in this program you probably already know. 

I don't have the '3 simple exercises that will torch your belly fat'.

I can't promise you the 'seven secret metabolism-boosting ingredients that the diet industry doesn't want you to know about'.

I'm not even going to claim to know the 'one mindset hack that will set your results on autopilot so you never have to worry about weight loss again'.

I'm sure you've tried some of these 'guaranteed' short cuts in the past only to end up disappointed and even more frustrated. 

I've been helping people with their health, fitness & weight loss for the best part of 20 years and I'm yet to come across somebody who doesn't have at least a rough idea of what they should be doing... or not doing.

You've tried countless diets and exercise programs in the past, and I'm sure that they all gave you some results... but sticking to them long term is another challenge altogether.

The difference between those who finally manage to lose weight & keep it off, and those who struggle with yo yo dieting and sporadic exercise habits, is of course their ability to take consistent action.

It doesn't matter whether it's Weight Watchers or Slimming World, Paleo or low fat, 5:2 or calorie counting... if you stick to a diet it's likely to work.

But that's the problem... sticking to it.

The thing is, you don't have to be perfect or try to do it all to succeed.

Restrictive diets and unachievable exercise regimes works against your brain's natural wiring, as the lack of freedom registers as yet another source of stress and pressure. 

Most of these programs are created by trainers and coaches based on what works for them

Technically sound, but practically impossible to follow unless you already have a passion for health and fitness baked into your DNA.

Not getting up for a 6am workout or pre-preparing every one of your meals for the week simply isn't an option.

For those of us who have a life outside of the gym or kitchen, it doesn't take too much of this extreme approach before you reach your 'oh sod it' point and the wheels fall off once again.

Start again tomorrow... or on Monday... or after the holidays...

The 'imperfect' approach that I recommend in boost is the opposite of these super-restrictive programs.

Because it avoids the overwhelm of trying to fit a 'perfect' diet and workout plan into the chaos of real life, it becomes more sustainable and your action is more consistent.

When you tackle the small number of core habits that have the biggest impact on your results, it becomes so effortless that it can feel like cheating.

It's not about never falling down, it's about falling down less and getting up faster.

George Anderson

"I've been helping people with their health, fitness, weight loss and mindset for the last 20 years. 

As a qualified personal trainer and boot camp coach I quickly discovered the best exercises & nutrition approaches for fast and effective results. 

And over the last 10 years studying NLP, neuroscience, positive psychology and behaviour change, I've combined the body and mind to help more people create transformation change.

Your 28 day boost program

We'll be working together via an online members portal and 3 weekly emails, to guide you through the process of making these simple but effective changes.

Once you have registered you will have access to the portal, so you can begin checking out some of the downloadable content.

Take a look at some of the recipes in the cook books, try out some of the short workouts, or get a jump start on the program by downloading some of the Worksheets.

When we start on September 9, each of the 4 weeks will have a new focus: 

Week 1: SUGAR - resetting your habits here can have a dramatic knock on effect to all other areas of your wellbeing

Week 2: MOVEMENT - we'll take a look at not just exercise, but posture, activity and the daily movement that will help you feel better and accelerate your results

Week 3: SLEEP & HYDRATON - small tweaks to your evening 'power down' routine can dramatically improve your sleep quality, and next-day performance

Week 4: DIET - which foods you should be including more of, what to reduce, and how to plan and track your food without it becoming a time-consuming obsession 

Throughout the 28 day boost, I'll be showing you how to go from where you are currently... to YOUR next level.

As a boost member, you will also be invited to join our thriving Facebook community.

You'll be surrounded by other people just like you, following the same program, on the same kind of journey and working through the same kinds of challenges.

I'm personally in the group every day, so I'm on hand to answer any of your questions, and even if you don't have any most people find that they benefit from reading the Q&A from other members.

All of the mission critical content from the program will be delivered directly, but if you want additional support as you work through the program, this is the place to be.

Progress not perfection

Sustainable results don't come from short bursts of trying to do everything perfectly followed by long periods of going back to old habits.

That familiar 'on the wagon / off the wagon' cycle is frustrating and soul destroying, and can feel as though it's taking over your life.

Making a few small but important changes to your habits give you the opportunity to gradually build confidence and results without it feeling like another pressure.

When you take this approach, after just 28 days you have a fresh set of healthier habits and be well on the way back to feeling more like you.

Our next 28 day boost starts in:


What Previous members have said

“Having been on the weight loss rollercoaster many times before, I was slightly sceptical about boost, but it soon became clear that this program was different. It didn't just focus on the nutrition and exercise, and I felt a deeper shift happen quite quickly. George's approach just clicked... the 28 day course was like a springboard and I've gone on to lose 100lb and counting. I now enjoy eating, I now enjoy exercise, and I'm finally loving my healthy lifestyle which has been reintroduced to my life.”

Alexa, previous boost program

“The sugar reset was the biggest game changer for me and felt so easy - it wasn't a complete overhaul in my diet, but made me focus on what I was eating and I made healthier choices as a result. Examining the stories I told myself about what people thought of me helped me switch on my own inner belief about my ability to change my lifestyle. I lost 4kg in 21 days, and can see the difference in my body. I have so much more energy and a desire to get out and do stuff”

Nicola, previous boost program

“I am now stopping and pausing before I reach for a chocolate bar, a glass of wine, a bag of crisps. I have realised I have spent a lot of my adult life making impulse choices and decisions and then blaming lack of will power, when in fact I have the power to change it. I feel good! More in control, I've lost weight and my clothes fit better”

Claire, previous boost program

“My sugar consumption was out of control and even though I knew it, I couldn’t seem to stop eating sweet things. George's program gave me the tools and support I needed to reset my relationship with sugar, and there have been lots of added benefits too. I lost 2kg in 3 weeks and I didn't feel as though I was dieting - I ate loads of food but made better choices. I’ve lost inches as well so my clothes fit better. I’ve changed how I think about things too, realising things are in my control if I just take the time to notice before reacting. The support from George and others in the group is fantastic. I’m so glad I took the plunge and signed up for boost!”

Tracey, previous boost program

“I'd been struggling with a lot of joint pain, and I literally ached constantly. My chiropractor gave me a clean bill of health but suggested it could be a menopausal symptom. As I love running and wanted to keep going, I decided to do something about it. Knowing sugar causes inflammatory responses, I joined boost and embraced the sugar reset. I went from daily cakes, biscuits and sweets, constant nibbling to not eating any refined sugar. I cut alcohol down but still enjoy the odd wine. I chose NOT to substitute with 'sugar free' substitutes. I still eat fruit and occasional set honey. It was tough at first but then I turned a BIG corner. My appetite balanced naturally, there was no more snacking, ad my constantly bloated tummy, which I assumed I'd have for the rest of my life, flattened. I have always been slim but 'apple bellied'. I weighed about 10 stone. Fast forward to today, I'm 9 stone (with no dieting) This is from the changes not eating sugar gave me. Stopping eating refined sugar is by far the best thing I've ever done ( I was a sugar addict). So thank you George for helping me believe I could give up sugar”

Tina, previous boost program

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