Burpees are a great exercise, but if you struggle with them they can feel like the work of the devil

Burpees are one of the exercises in my new 21 day home training challenge, but as it’s one that many people find challenging I wanted to make sure there were plenty of options 🙂

I took a break from filming the workouts to put together this short burpee masterclass, showing you a number of ways you can make the exercise more accessible.

21 day Home Training Challenge

Find out more about home training challenge over on this page.

It’s a part of my online wellbeing coaching group, boost, and as well as the 21 day challenge you’ll be able to access the ‘Quick boost’ program starting on September 10.

We’ll be focusing on resetting habits around sugar, sleep, social media and self-awareness.

More info on both these programs are over here