It felt GOOOD yesterday to have a bit of a running-themed writing blowout!

Thanks to everybody who got back to me to tell me that they’ve already tried out some of the 5Ls of running efficiency and more importantly that they had some kind of impact!

I talked yesterday about how I pivoted away from ‘just’ the running stuff a few years ago.

Towards motivational speaking and mindset coaching.

Which wasn’t strictly true.

I didn’t set out 5 years ago with the intention of becoming a motivational speaker.

I was already presenting workshops on running, and started to shift this towards general health & wellbeing, then mindset and personal development.

But at the beginning of this year I set out with the singular focus of ‘establishing myself as a motivational wellbeing speaker’.

I’ve been recording a short daily video since January 1, documenting the progress I’ve made and the opportunities that have presented themselves.

As well as the not so fun side of struggle and frustration.

When you’re doing a daily video… there’s nowhere to hide.

In yesterday’s video I had a revelation that I want to share with you today.

Fast track to the truth

I never know quite what I’m going to talk about when I press record on the camera.

I just point the thing at my face and see what comes out of my mouth lol!

As well as saving an awful lot of time on boring things like editing (!), it’s something that has proved on numerous occasions to be a fast track to the truth.

The unfiltered, unedited and raw truth.

And yesterday was one such occasion.

Basically I called myself out for bulls***ting myself about ‘doing everything I could’ to push forwards to this important goal.

Recently I’ve been focused on the boost 21 day weight loss and mindset program, but I was still doing some stuff to keep moving in the right direction with the speaking.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realised I could not honestly say I was doing everything.

Story skewing perception of reality

I’d allowed my story to skew my perception of reality.

One of those things, I realised, was telling my story in no uncertain terms… again.

Right here, to you.

And there is, as always, a deeper message I want to share.

Two, in fact.

The first is a challenge… to call YOURSELF out.

Beyond the BS, beyond the superficial story, beyond the excuses.

If you were to tell yourself the brutal, honest, raw and unfiltered truth, how would you respond to that.

Pay attention to how it feels… if it’s a little uncomfortable ask yourself how you can gently change course to more closely align with your truth.

This is quite a big thing to do so don’t get bogged down in it, and just shout if you need help.

The second thing is to regularly remind yourself… and others… what it is you’re working towards achieving.

For me, I want to be speaking to more organisations, sharing my message about mindset and wellbeing.

Helping people do more of the things they already know how, but just can’t seem to do.

I know that when I start to get bored of telling that story I’ll be getting close to telling it enough.

And as a guy who can run around in circles for literally an entire day, I have a high boredom threshold 🙂

Sharing an ambition, dream or goal makes it real.

It gives it a presence in the physical world and not just inside your mind.

Even if you have your goals written down, or you’ve already shared your plans with somebody, it’s something that benefits from REPETITION.

What are you working towards at the moment, and when was the last time you shared it with somebody?