How getting the balance between variety and routine is the key to your success

I’ve driven business coaches mad in the past by refusing to commit to doing just ONE thing.

You have to specialise George‘, they kept (and keep!) telling me.

I get it, and part of me would love to be able to just focus on one thing… but I’ll be honest with you, I’d soon get bored!

For example, I’m really focused with the motivational speaking goal this year.

But I’m still working with my private coaching clients… still developing and growing boost… still committed to my various communities.

We need variety

I need the variety of different challenges, even if that means I don’t get to be ‘the best’ at anything I do (and there you were thinking I was competitive!)

Ultimately, we all need variety in our lives.

Not just to stop us from getting bored, but for the good of our physical wellbeing.

We need different types of exercise and a wide variety of nutrients in our diets if we’re going to be healthy.

Meal variety is something that came up in boost this week, whilst we were working through our meal planning experiment.

Balanced with routine

What was really clear, was that important though variety is, it needs to be balanced against routine.

Experimenting with different ingredients and meals is great, but if you were to try a new meal out every single night it would quickly become overwhelming.

Same for lunches and breakfasts… I mean, who has a different breakfast every morning of the week!

(I shared my own example of a typical meal plan, and breakfast is exactly the same every single morning!)

Go-To Meals

This is something that has come out of the ‘experiment’ so far:

Create a list of ‘go-to’ meals and recipes that have been battle tested and come out as winner.

These are the meals that you know how to make, which ingredients you need, how long they take to make, what they taste like, and possibly even that other members of the household also enjoy them!

Really simple, but it helps overcome the situation where you’re trying to figure out what to cook for dinner that night and your mind goes blank!

Develop a routine that works for you, and then add the variety in line with your appetite for uncertainty.