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I’ve been a big fan of Facebook groups since 2013 when I set up my first one for runners following my Intelligent Running programs

Over the years I have had numerous groups running at the same time, but I wanted a place where I could create a community based on my ideas and philosophy around wellbeing, mindset and personal development.


I have been writing blogs and emails since 2007, and as much as I love this format it was only ever going to be a maximum 2 ways street.

I would have a thought, write some words and send it to my email subscribers.

Occasionally a few of them might get back to me and we’d end up in a 2 way discussion, but there was no where to have a proper discusssion with multiple perspectives and experiences.

Seth Godin wrote in his book ‘Tribes’:

‘A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea’

Facebook groups gave me this opportunity


I set up On The Wagon in December 2015 initially as an experiment, but it quickly grew in numbers and it wasn’t long before we had over 2000 members.

The group has evolved over the last couple of years into one of the most supportive, motivating and non-judgemental communities on the Internet, according to many of the members.

My background in working with both beginner and more experienced runners has meant that many runners are attracted to the group. A quick scroll through the feed though and it is clear that it is far more than ‘just a running group’.

Many members talk freely about their mental health challenges, which not only helps them but anybody reading who also struggles.

Mental health isn’t an area that I usually tackle head on, but I know that the support and connection that the OTW community provides is highly valued by many.

Free to join with no obligation to get involved

The group is free to join and there is no obligation to post content or engage with other people. ‘Lurking’ in a group can still leave you with a feeling of being supported, understood, and a part of something.

There are plenty of members posting questions, links, suggestions, sharing their wins or asking for help to keep the feed fresh and inspiring.

If you’d like to join the group, you can do so by clicking the link below and one of the admins will let you in as soon as possible!

Free Motivational Facebook Community

Join 'On The Wagon' today!
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