Finding a purpose

I spent an hour at my local secondary school yesterday morning as part of a careers workshop for 12 and 13 year olds.

I was one of a number of ‘Human Library Books’ and the kids got to ask us questions about what we do for a living, the qualifications we needed and if we had always wanted to do it and so on.

Unconventional route

My route into becoming a ‘motivational speaker, wellbeing & performance coach’ (as per my job description yesterday) wasn’t exactly conventional.

I studied maths, physics and business studies A levels at school which lead to a masters degree in engineering, even though I can’t remember a time where I ever dreamed I’d be doing that for a living.

I picked up my gym qualifications during my 4th year of uni and worked part time at the local leisure centre in my 5th year.

I didn’t even bother applying for engineering jobs after I graduated, and went straight into personal training in Reading.

That was 16 years ago and my business has evolved somewhat since then.


As I’ve grown, gained different experiences, and learned more about where my passion and purpose collide the way I share my message has evolved too.

Several years ago I spent some time getting really clear on my purpose, and I carry these words around with me in my wallet:

‘Inspire… to take action… to help them thrive’

That is my Purpose

It’s what I try to do in my emails, here on the blog, in my free online communities, in my group coaching program boost, with my private coaching clients, on stage as a motivational speaker… everywhere.

Everything I do comes back to this simple purpose.

Each word on that piece of paper is important, but the most important word is ACTION.

Taking Action

Nothing changes until something changes.

Ultimately it’s easier to remain in certain discomfort than it is to step into uncertainty even though it might ease the pain.

Transformational change isn’t a single great big leap.

It’s lots of tiny steps; the small and subtle changes that accumulate over time to create the illusion of transformation.

Capable of change

I fully believe that we are ALL capable of change.

YOU… are capable of change.

Take a few minutes today to think about some of the tiny adjustments you could make to your life that would have an accumulative effect over time.

Don’t just look to the top of the mountain, as it can sometimes seem an impossibly long way away.

Just look at where you’re going to get your next foothold, and go from there.