The challenge for 2018

How I decided on the Frog Graham Round as my big endurance challenge for 2018…

I was searching for something on my hard drive a couple of days ago and I came across a completely different document that I hadn’t seen in a few years.

It was something I wrote about 3 and a half years ago after my first foray into the world of ultra running: 10 marathons in 10 days.

I had written an article about the ’10 lessons’ I took away from the experience.

I never published it and could barely remember writing the thing, but the first in the list really jumped out at me.


It was all about the numerous ‘signposts’ I had noticed along my way to making the decision to take on the challenge.

Subtle indicators all nudging me in the direction of this crazy goal, but stifled by logic, sense and reasoning so that it remained a ‘what if’ dream.

Until eventually it was so glaringly obvious that this was something that was going to happen.

A matter of detail

And from that moment on it was just a matter of detail.

As I re-read through that Lesson the other day I realised that I’m right back there again.

Procrastinating on the cusp of making a decision about the challenges that might be in store in 2018.

Since those 10 back to back marathons I’ve run two 24 hour, 100 mile ultra marathons and learned to swim so that I could complete an ironman triathlon.

Challenges with meaning

Each one of them has meant something to me.

But I’ve also set out on numerous other challenges and quit before really getting started.

Because I didn’t connect with a deep enough reason why I wanted to do them.

Like trying to break 50 seconds for 400m 3 years ago…

I pretty quickly realised how much I loathed the training for that one despite doing it for 5 years at university!

I know that whatever I decide to sink my teeth into has to appeal to me on a number of different levels.

More than just the physical challenge.

More than just the mental challenge.

There has to be something else… it has to mean something to me.

Well, there have been many signposts already and I’m not going to continue to ignore them like I did last time.

The Frog Graham Round

There’s a slightly odd swim-run event called the Frog Graham Round that takes place in the Lake District.

There’s no set start date or time; you just decide when you’re going to do it, print out the maps and off you go.

40ish miles of fell running and 4 lakes to swim across.

I’ll be turning 40 in September, so what better way to celebrate it!

There are a few details to nail down, but let’s not worry about all that just yet shall we 😉

I’ll be charting my progress and training in the coming months on this blog, but I probably won’t even start thinking about the physical prep for at least a couple of months.

Right now my focus is on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I plan to continue with this whilst preparing for the Frog.

It’ll be a decent physical challenge but I also know how much I’ll need to once again call on my mindset.

What is your quiet voice saying?

Perhaps you have one of those voices deep down inside of you.

Trying to get your attention with an important, meaningful challenge.

Perhaps that voice has long been suppressed by the more powerful voice of logic, sense and reasoning.

So it has remained a faint echo at the back of your mind… what could be if only…

But what if you were to turn up the volume on that voice today.

I wonder what might be in store for you in 2018…?