What has a model Spitfire got to do with your goals?

Striving for a target is sometimes less about goal achievement and more about what you can learn along the way.

If you’ve been doing battle with the snow recently I hope things are looking up this week.

I managed to get out for some fun on the sledges with the kids on Friday and Saturday.

Figured out that if I tied the dog’s lead to the front of the sledge it made things a lot easier!

Although we weren’t technically ‘snowed in’ (only had about 2″!) it was quite nice to batten down the hatches and ride out the cold weather in our nice cosy house.


I used some of the time to start another AirFix kit with Rowan.

We started getting into them over Christmas and it’s a great way for us to spend some time with each other, figuring things out and creating something together.

We’re currently working on a Spitfire, and when we’re finished it’ll probably join the other models we’ve made together on the shelf in the lounge.

All that work for something to just sit on a shelf and gather dust.

The real value

Of course, the real value in building a model Spitfire with my son isn’t that we have a model Spitfire at the end of it.

Sometimes reaching the goal itself isn’t the most valuable part.

It’s the experiences we have along the way, and what we learn about ourselves in the process.

I just posted this 3 minute video on my LinkedIn profile earlier.

I’m more active on LinkedIn than I used to be, and if you have a profile over there it’d be great to connect.