I’m moving in with you for a couple of days…

Imagine it.

We’ll be working out together, cooking and eating healthy food together, coaching, setting up new morning and evening routines, creating systems for planning meals, working on goals, nutrition, training programs…

When I posted this hypothetical* situation in my OTW group yesterday responses ranged from ‘what would I hide first’ to ‘you wouldn’t survive in our madhouse for that long!’

But if it did happen, what would you learn?

Which of the habits or behaviours that are you thinking about right now… do you know are slowing down your progress?

Things that you’re aware that you’re doing (or not doing), but as there’s nobody checking up on you or holding you accountable you let it slide.

Imagination can be a powerful thing.

When I was running a boot camp a few years ago I had a coach who used to get me to imagine I was being filmed for a TV show before every session.

I’d think about that every time I drove to the session, and it made a real difference to the energy I brought to those 0630 workouts!

What would I notice?

If I was to move in with you for a couple of days, what would I notice?

What suggestions would I likely make to help you move towards your goals more easily?

What changes would I make to your environment, your daily habits, the way you manage your energy levels?

If the thought of me sleeping at the foot of your bed fills you with horror, perhaps once you’ve called yourself out on some of these things, you can start to make a few changes all by yourself.

Something to think about as you go through the day today.

*Hypothetical… or is it!

This is a real scenario I’m contemplating putting into action.

Can you imagine it to the point of it becoming a reality?

If so, drop me a line.