Yesterday I spent the morning in the local secondary school contributing to their ‘maths at work’ day.

Sharing examples of how I use maths in my every day working life to groups of year 10 students.

I always enjoy demonstrating how trigonometry is ‘essential’ in adapting the press up for clients of various abilities.

A tenuous connection perhaps, and although I’ve never actually got my protractor out in the middle of a workout, the general principle holds true ūüėČ

The appeal of maths

I started each session off by telling them how much I have always LOVED maths.

When I asked them who else shared my not-so-secret passion, funnily enough I don’t get many hands going up!

I’ve often thought about what it is that appeals to me about maths.

I studied it to A-level and then my engineering degree was pretty much all maths for the first year.

I realised that what I enjoyed most about the subject is that it’s either right or wrong.

There’s no opinion, different points of view, or unexplained forces at play.

You follow the formula carefully enough, and the answer will always come out the right way*.

Real life

As I thought about this later it struck me how much this differs to real life.

Sometimes you can follow the ‘formula’ for success to the letter, and¬†still¬†get a different result to what you were expecting.

Or you can get the right result, but have somebody tell you that in their opinion, you’re still wrong.

Can you imagine how much simpler everything would be if it was as straight forward and predictable as maths?

Funny thing is, even though we¬†know¬†that it’s anything but predictable we still sometimes find ourselves expecting things to turn out a certain way and then being disappointed when they don’t.

Not a closed system

Life isn’t a closed system and there are¬†many¬†unpredictable forces at play.

You can’t control everything that goes on in the world around you, but you can influence how you respond to it.

This requires an understanding of who you are and what’s most important to you.

Something that many of my coaching clients tell me is missing when they first start working with me.

Maybe you’ve experienced it before, where you find yourself feeling a little lost or directionless?

Like you know there’s so much more to give but don’t quite know how to unlock it.

Coaching programs

This is a key part of my coaching programs, and right now I have a couple of opportunities that may be of interest to you.

The first is to join my ‘flagship’¬†3 month private coaching program, which currently has 3 more spots from August.

And the second is to join me and a small group on a 2 day retreat on the Jurassic Coast for a combination of physical and mental adventures.

If you’d like more information about – what they involve, whether they’d be suitable for you, and what the investment is – just drop me a line.

Time moves on

The secondary school I was speaking at yesterday is the school that my daughter will be going to in September.

She had her primary school ‘leavers assembly’ today, and it seems like just yesterday she was there for her first day as a little 4 year old!

Time moves on.

We grow, we change, and then we’re grown up.

But we don’t ever have to stop evolving.

Let me know if you want to find out more about working with me on your clarity, confidence and mindset and we’ll see which option might work best for you.

*This holds true until you start talking about the chaos theory.

In short, this theory explains why results in a dynamic system (like the weather, geology, or even life!) depend on the STARTING POINT.

This is why somebody else’s success plan isn’t necessarily going to yield the same results for you.

What you need is a plan to get you to¬†your¬†next level, not¬†the¬†next level… whatever that is ūüôā