I want to let you in on a little secret… please don’t tell anybody else though because it’s a bit embarrassing.

I do this thing where if I’m walking down the street and suddenly realise I’m going the wrong way – something that happens more often than it should – I won’t just turn around and walk the other way.

Oh no no no no no.

If I just turned around, what would all those people behind me think!

They’d be like ‘Ha! That guy was going the wrong way… what an idiot!’

So I completely throw them off the scent by pulling my phone out of my pocket and pretending to check a message.

Then when I’m sure they’ve all passed, then I turn around and walk back the right way.

Yep, pretty clever huh?

This is such a fool proof plan and I’m so good at it nobody suspects a thing.

It’s not limited to a poor sense of direction either.

I even have myself on camera ‘getting away with it’ whilst nobody around me suspected a thing.

What made me think of that today, was that on Wednesday night as I was pulling away in the car I whacked into a kerb and punctured a tyre.

I was immediately aware that the loud bang had drawn the attention of a few passers by.

Once again I drew on my finely honed acting skills, parked up and sat quietly for a few moments looking composed and in control.

So instead of people pointing and laughing at my crap driving they were saying to themselves:

‘Ah, I thought I heard something but no, that’s just a regular guy sitting parked at an odd angle on a kerb, I must have been mistaken… nothing to see here’ 

I might look like a regular guy but really I’m a mind ninja.

Subliminally changing the way people think without them even realising it.

This is a little embarrassing but I’m ready to take one for the team by sharing it because I know that we all have our own individual brand of weird.

You might be sitting there reading this shaking your head incredulously… but YOU do weird stuff too I know it!

I’m certain that I’m not the only one who walks around mind reading.

We all do it.

The trick is to become more aware of when you’re doing it.

Pretending to take a message to cover up my map reading shortcomings doesn’t have a huge impact on my experience of life.

But if you’re holding yourself back because of what people might think, or not taking a risk because you might be judged?

That’s probably something worth digging into a little more.