Setting Powerful Goals

Do you find yourself lacking in direction at the moment but at the same time struggling to set goals that are going to motivate you?

We’re always told that we should all have clearly defined, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals to work towards.

So why is it so hard sometimes to craft something that actually means anything to us!

We know what we don’t want – that part is easy because it’s right in front of us.

But goal setting requires you to imagine something that doesn’t exist yet. Something that is going to involve you becoming a different person to get there or at the very least acquiring a different set of skills or abilities that you don’t currently possess.

I have a couple of resources you may find useful to help you.

The first is this interview I recorded a while back with my friend Gerry Duffy on the subject of goal setting. Gerry has been an inspiration of mine for many years, and we became friends after I interviewed him on his ‘Deca Ironman’ achievement.

That was when he took crazy to a whole other level and took part in an event that involved completing 10 ironman triathlons in 10 consecutive days. And won the thing.

It was originally recorded for my Facebook community On The Wagon which is a great source of motivation for all things fitness, diet, physical and mental wellbeing, and you are more than welcome to join for free.  

Getting clear on what you want

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from people is when you know that you want to achieve or do something different, but that you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

If I were to ask you what you wanted, I expect you’d have no problem telling me all about what it was you didn’t want.

According to pointy head neuroscientists, one reason for this is because our brains are like Teflon for positive and Velcro for negative. Knowing what we want to avoid keeps us safe. Knowing what we need to feel like we’re thriving is less important so we’ve evolved with this skew of thinking.

Another reason is that it’s very easy to articulate what’s in front of us, but harder to imagine what we want to replace that with.

Get Clarity

Getting clarity on what you want is important, so try asking yourself some of these questions:

  1. What do I want to be doing?
  2. What do I want to be saying to myself and to other people?
  3. How do I want to be feeling?
  4. What do I want to be thinking?

You might find the flip side of this process easier to start with, where you ask yourself what you DON’T want to be doing, saying, feeling and thinking.

Often, what we actually want is just the opposite of these things. 

Many of my private clients find that coaching helps enormously with this process.

The challege with working through mindset thinky stuff by yourself is that it’s hard not to get caught up in an emotional loop.

By thinking about what’s important to you and what’s frustrating you, triggers are going off left, right and centre and old stories and inner dialogue can start to get in the way.

By working through a series of questions you not only get greater clarity on which goals would be most fullfilling to pursue, but a deeper insight into what’s really important to you.