It was a pleasure to present a keynote talk on wellbeing in Kidderminster on Friday, at a Wyre Forest District Council event to promote their commercial venue ‘Space’.

It was my first speaking engagement booked through speaking agents DBA Speakers, and I was really pleased with how it went.

Keynote speaker

I’ve organised and spoken at my own events, seminars, talks and workshops for over a decade.

I’ve co-presented at events like Momentum, and been on a line up with other speakers at conventions, conferences and seminars.

But this is the first time I’ve been the keynote speaker at an event like this.

One of my big personal and professional goals for 2018 is to firmly establish myself as a motivational wellbeing speaker, so this was a good step in the right direction.

Since January 1 I’ve been logging my progress towards this goal on a daily YouTube vlog.

4 Principles

I introduced 4 principles that I believe are fundamental in creating sustainable behaviour change, and at some point this week I’ll pull them all together in a blog post.

I’ve talked about all of them in the past in my courses & coaching, and other writing and videos.

But this is the first time I’ve delivered them in a talk like this and I enjoyed the process of putting it together.

Excuse for magic!

I’ve always loved close up card magic, and have been playing around with a few skills over the last couple of years.

I’ve never actually done anything ‘in public’, but decided I wanted to include something in this talk.

It was a great fit for one of the points I wanted to make, and I because I knew that it could work, the biggest risk was not doing it and then regretting it.

So I gave it a shot, and thankfully it came off more or less as I hoped!

After asking somebody to choose a card at random from the deck, I threw the pack of cards at the flip chart.

The chosen card was found to be stuck to the next sheet!

Not the most elegant reveal I’ll admit, but I was really pleased I took the risk.

I have a couple more keynotes coming up next month, so perhaps I’ll see how I can weave in some more magic!