Publically committing to writing a new book to help more people bridge the gap between knowing what to do… and actually doing it 

After writing my first book for beginner runners in 2014 I was itching to get stuck into another project. But none of the ideas ever got fully out of the gate and so here we are, 4 years later with still no second book on my Amazon profile.

Over the course of the last 6 months I have found myself talking and writing more and more on the subject of behaviour change. How we can start doing more of the things that we already know how to do.

So it seemed appropriate that this should be subject of any book I commit to writing.


Ironically, once I decided that this was definitely going to happen I still found myself procrastinating and putting off the process of starting. I realised that I was going to have to put into practice every one of the principles I was planning on writing about if it was to see the light of day. 

Getting Started

I got going a couple of weeks ago by mind mapping my ideas to help me make sense of what I wanted to include.  Since then I have been logging my progress with the book in some of my daily videos.

Although these videos focus mainly on the progress I’m making with the speaking goals, there is a great deal of overlap with the book as it’s the same subject that I speak about!

[One of the biggest revelations to me in the last 6 months has been how I’ve come to terms and even thrived on the fact that many of my videos get ZERO or very few views. 

I used to be an external validation junkie and still am in some respects, but this has been a great exercise for me to build a habit that is not based on the approval of other people 🙂 ] 

Purpose of the book

My objective with the book is to create something that brings together all of my ideas and processes that I use in my coaching & online programs to help people do more of the right things.

I also want to produce something that supports my speaking more than a book aimed at beginner runners ever could.

There are a number of subjects that I hear people talk about regularly that I wanted to address:

Self Sabotage

Those actions you take that move you in the exact opposite direction to your goals! Such as skipping workouts or mindlessly eating entire packets of biscuits.


Knowing what to do, but just quickly doing all these other really important things first… oh look I’ve run out of time!


Sometimes it can feel like there’s just so much that needs to change, even thinking about it adds to the stress.

Ask the audience

One of the first things I did after sketching out my initial ideas was send out a simple 3 question survey to my list of email subscribers and various Facebook communities.

The questions were:

1) What specifically do you do when you self-sabotage?

2) What do you say to yourself when you are doing it?

3) What would a book of this nature have to contain in order fo you to find it useful?

It was incredible to receive 200+ responses to these questions, which gave me some invaluable insights to add to what I thought I already knew about the depth and detail of the problems we all face.

Approach to publishing

At this stage I expect that I’m going to take a similar approach to publishing the book as I did with Beginner’s Luck, i.e. self-publish on Kindle and use Create Space to print on demand for paperbacks.

I’m not adverse to the idea of getting a publisher for the book, but I’m not going to build looking for one into my process and timeline. Self-publishing worked well for me last time and I see no reason to believe that I can’t replicate the success with this book.


I’ll be putting occasional book updates here on the blog and more regularly in my daily YouTube videos.

If you have any questions or media opportunities, please get in touch directly!