Do you know more or less what you should be doing with your health and fitness... but struggle to actually do it?

The 28 day boost program is designed to help you take more action, reset your habits and find the motivation to make sustainable changes. 

The program is as much about mindset and habit building as it is about the practical strategies for taking better care of yourself physically.

Programs run every couple of months, and to stay notified of the next intake please click the link below and enter your best email address. 



iRunning Programs

The iRunning programs are written for runners who want to train more effectively and get better results, but without having to compromise on their other responsibilities.

All programs are based on 3 runs a week and accessed via the online iRunning portal.

Intelligent Marathon - 16 week marathon training program

Intelligent Half Marathon - 12 week half marathon training program

10k Project - 10 week 10k training program

Beginner's Luck

book for beginner runners

The 5* Amazon best-seller helps complete non-runners build the confidence to run for up to an hour non-stop.  

Buy your copy of the book from Amazon, and download your free copy of the 10 week training program


Just 10 Minutes


Take just 10 minutes out of your day to listen to a positive, fresh, thought provoking audio message. Challenge your beliefs with a steady feed of fresh thinking on confidence, resilience, mindset, energy, recovery and gratitude.  

This 30 day program is delivered via a daily email each with a downloadable mp3.

7 Minute HIIT


21 days of 7 minute High Intensity Interval Training workouts, delivered directly to your inbox.

All the workout videos are follow-along-with-me style, and you'll have a range of options to make each exercise more or less challenging.