Programs and Courses

Training programs, mindset courses, and free stuff

Back in the day when I started my personal training business, the only way for me to support my clients was through 1:1 physical training.

I loved working so closely with my clients and for many years I specialised in two things: helping people get fit, lose weight and tone up, and improve their running.

However, there was an upper limit on how many people I could help so I began to develop a range of programs, resources and courses.

This is a selection of my best programs & courses from the last decade…


The Plankathon is a FREE 14 day core training program based on the plank. You’ll get a 5 minute workout emailed to you every morning, plus a video demonstrating the exercises (it’s not just planking!)

This free Facebook group was set up in 2015 and has become one of the most supportive and positive spaces on the Internet (according to many of our members šŸ˜‰ )
This 10 week program for complete beginner runners aims to take you from 0 to running confidently for 60 minutes. The book is available on Amazon and you can download the training program itself for free from here

boost is my online membership program where I teach my 5 Core Elements of Wellbeing, Nutrition, Activity, Mindset, Recovery and Connection. We get into theĀ mindsetĀ of weight loss and wellbeing, building psychological resilience and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Over the last 5 years I have moved away from the purely physical and gravitated towards mindset coaching. A combination of NLP and neuroscience form the basis for my coaching.
A bundle of 5 of my best mini-programs, including the 21 Day 7 Minute HIIT, Kettlebells Introduction, 7 Day Stretch, 14 Day Plankathon&ON, and 9 Day ‘Gun Show’. Click the button to find out more
My first Intelligent Running program back in 2012, the iMarathon is a 16 week schedule based on just 3 runs a week. Click the button to find out more information
Hot on the heels of the iMarathon came the iHalf, a 12 week schedule with the same winning format of 3 runs a week. Click the button to find out more information
After the success of the iMarathon and iHalf it was only fair that I put the same unconventional spin on training for a 10k. This 10 week schedule is still based on just 3 runs a week, and many use it as a short course in how to run faster. Click the button to find out more information
Beginner’s Luck was designed to take complete beginner’s to a point where they were confident running for an hour. But what I was finding was that many were still not ready to tackle some of the more advanced training programs, having spent the last 10 weeks being told to slow down! I wrote The Running Apprentice to bridge the gap from beginner runner to just plain runner. Click the button for more information
A couple of times a year I take a group out to a stunning chateau in the French Pyrenees for a long weekend of adventure and personal development. Click this button to find out more and details of plans for future retreats