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I’ve been producing short workout videos since 2014 for my private members wellbeing program boost, but in 2017 I decided to release a number of programs ‘into the wild’.

I call them ‘Mini-Programs’ because they’re all short in duration, and each workout within them doesn’t take long to complete.

I’ll be the first to admit that if you want to get really fit or run marathons you’re going to need more than just a few minutes each day to workout in. But that said, the inclusion of short, sharp, targeted exercise can have a profound effect on your overall health and wellbeing, and when done in the mornings can mentally set you up for the day.

Included in this bundle are 5 of my favourite Mini-Programs:


7 Minute HIIT

This 21 day program delivers a daily 7 minute HIIT-style workout, with the option of following the written instructions or joining me in a follow-along workout video

The Gun Show

The Gun Show

This 9 day upper body program uses a light pair of dumbbells to train and tone your arms, shoulders and upper back. Workouts 

kettlebells intro

Kettlebells Introduction

A bit more involved than the other 4, the Kettlebell Intro program is designed to teach you the basics of kettlebell training, wiht a strong emphasis on skills acquisition as well as the workouts themselves

7 day stretch

7 Day Stretch

7 days of flexibility workouts for even the most unbendable of people! Unlike the other programs in this series, this one doesn’t have to be followed in sequence. It is likely that one or two of the routines will bring you significantly more value than the others, so the advice is to find them and then concentrate on those ones!


The Plankathon&ON

This follow on program to the original Plankathon is a 14 day advanced core training challenge.

Immediately access all 5 of the Mini-Programs in this bundle for just £30

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