The Plankathon

FREE 14 day core training challenge

Can training your core for just 6 minutes a day for 2 weeks really make that much of a difference?

It absolutely can!

Since launching the Plankathon – a free 14 day core training program – in 2014, over 20,000 people have worked their way through the challenge. Responding to a survey, many of those who completed it reported significant improvements.

“I wanted to test myself and the daily video and motivation from George was great! All I’ve been talking about for the last two weeks! So happy to get over 4mins! Thanks George!”

Charlotte Iddin

Planking for weight loss?

Not only did it make a measurable difference to their strength in in the plank position, but it had a knock on effect in other more unexpected areas also.

Improved posture, feeling stronger during running and other training, and perhaps most interestingly more inclined to stick to healthy eating after a morning that included a few planks.

Priming your body with a few minutes of strength work first thing in the morning seems to have a similar effect on the mind. It can have the effect of setting your intentions for the day, which then influences your decisions around food and other lifestyle choices that will impact on weight loss.

“A great challenge thats fun to do. Small amount of time in your day to get a flatter tummy and stronger arms. Great fun to do each day and amazing how quickly you see results”

Mandy Cooper

How the Plankathon works

The next 14 day Plankathon starts on April 7 2018.

Head over to this page to sign up, and from April 7 you will receive a daily email with instructions for how to complete the day’s challenge.

Although everything is based on the plank position, there is huge variety with the routines.

You’ll learn how to plank with correct technique through the short instructional videos that accompany each workout.

Registering for the Plankathon is free: all you need to do is tell me where to send the daily emails!