I posted on Facebook yesterday that I’d been doing some work on next week’s 21 day weight loss and mindset program.

The picture accompanying the post was the one with this article, where you can see me enjoying a peppermint tea in a takeout cup.

Not something I usually do, but I didn’t want a coffee and it turns out that you get a lot more in a large takeout up than you do in a tiddly little Costa teapot!

I really didn’t think anything of it, until I had a couple of comments and messages about the environment, and how I should be using a cup-for-life.

(Or putting up with the small teapot!)

I’m not any kind of environmental campaigner, but I had to concede that it was a very valid point.

I didn’t even have a problem with looking beyond my natural tendencies to rise up against being told what I should be doing, which surprised me.

Perhaps because when I thought about it, there wasn’t really a strong enough reason to sit in a coffee shop drinking out of a takeout cup.

And, to be fair, it would be easy enough to get a cup-for-life to keep in the car for when I’m in town and want a coffee to go…

Concept to practice

I’ve understood conceptually that there’s a problem with the impact that disposable cups have on the environment, but never really thought about what I can do about it.

I’m not on a mission to save the planet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still make a difference.

The starfish story

It reminded me of a story I head a while ago of a man and his son walking along a beach.

They came across thousands upon thousands of starfish washed up on the shore, drying out and dying in the sun.

The man picked one up and threw it back in the ocean and his son said ‘What’s the point in that? Throwing one back isn’t going to make much of a difference!’

To which the man replied, ‘No, but it made a difference to that one’.

I’m sure that story has a slightly different original meaning, but I do still think that it fits.

Lots of small changes

Big personal changes are made up of lots of tiny little ones.

And big global changes are made up of lots of individuals making small decisions.

Like drinking out of reusable cups.