Motivational Speaking

George was invited to Broadgate Estates during World Mental Health Week, which was also the week that we launched our Wellbeing Committee. He brought a fantastic energy to the room and delivered a passionate and insightful workshop around mind, body and social connection. Following the workshop colleagues started a dialogue within the business and we have since developed an internal ‘Just Talk’ campaign amongst other initiatives. Rocana Bray

Business Partner, Learning & Development, British Land and Broadgate Estates

Keynotes, conferences, events and launches

George is a versatile speaker and comfortable in front of a range of different audiences.

As well as delivering talks for clients he regularly organises his own events and motivational seminars. His annual kick off event ‘Momentum’ which he runs with fellow speakers Pat Divilly and Gerry Duffy, has attracted audiences of over 300 people for the past 2 years.

George draws on his own personal experiences and almost 2 decades of working with clients to bring insightful, relatable and practical ideas to his audiences.

“Some of the most rewarding things in life are on the other side of fear”

– George Anderson

Watch some examples of George presenting

Some examples of George’s presentation topics

Creating Connected Communities

Creating Healthy Habits

George shares some of the principles and practices of establishing new behaviours, breaking old habits and the challenges of modern addiction
Creating Connected Communities

Real World Mindfulness

A refreshingly practical approach to mindfulness, with a number of easily sharable techniques
Personal Leadership

Critical Feedback

Intellectually we know that feedback is critical to personal development, but most of us struggle to separate the information from the emotion!
Creating Connected Communities

Productivity and Procrastination

A practical guide for how to get more of the right things done, with less stress and distraction, and more focus and efficiency
Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing

Physical and mental wellbeing are deeply connected. Learn about how we can support our mental health with simple, practical daily habits
Creating Connected Communities


Understand how to benefit from the stress, through strategic recovery and early identification of oncoming problems

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