Performance & Wellbeing Programs

When George delivered his workshop, I must admit that initially I was sceptical. I understood the importance of wellbeing, but my life was too hectic and I didn’t have the time to make the changes.

But 8 weeks later, I’ve lost 18lbs, killed my sugar habit, my glucose levels & blood pressure have normalised & my wife seems to be constantly amused by the number of vegetables I’m eating. George’s non-evangelist approach and ‘progress not perfection’ philosophy helped me start making changes and maintain the momentum. Having experienced the difference first-hand, it’s no surprise that we’ve invited George back in present his workshop to more members of the team! 

Phil Brennan

Senior Director, Dell EMC

Information, Inspiration and Implementation

Where a 45 minute talk can inspire and motivate, a holistic wellbeing workshop can provide a deeper level of information and education.

In these workshops I teach:

– The practical application of healthy nutrition rather than just the theory of what we ‘should’ be doing

– Different ways to incorporate energy boosting exercise into your weekly routine that won’t take up hours of your time

– Why we don’t always do the things we know we need to do, and how to create a more positive mindset

– How to nurture resilience with strategic recovery

– Why connection is so important in supporting physical and mental wellbeing


In any workshop audience there will be a percentage of people who are ready to go forth and put what they have learned into action.

But some of us need a little more guidance, support and accountability.

The option of a 12 week Implementation Program that drip feeds the content in a practical way means that more people are more able to take more action.

It also means that they have the opportunity to ask questions when they have ‘real world experience’, and figure out ways to make wellbeing work in their lives.

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