Boost your fitness, build healthy habits, learn new exercises and have fun!

6 Week Boost Fitness Challenge

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  • 25 minute workouts - easy to fit into your day
  • Build whole body fitness and tone
  • Give your other healthy habits a nudge
  • Set your own level of challenge and track your progress along the way
  • Video demonstrations of all exercises
  • Follow-along video option so no need to think about timings
  • PLUS: Nutrition, habits and mindset training sessions!

Find your fitness

Join me for the 6 Week Boost Challenge, including special BONUS nutrition, habits and mindset sessions, to help you get back into a fitness routine that delivers results!

Based on rock solid principles of fitness and no matter your starting point, you can make dramatic improvements in just 6 weeks.

Designed to fit into your life with minimal disruption, or bring more whole body and core strength to an existing running program, the 25 minute workouts will give you the most effective results in the shortest amount of time.

Designed to SERVE you, not ENSLAVE you

The program is includes 3 workouts a week for 6 weeks but right from the start the emphasis is on making it work for YOU.

You'll be tested and challenged, but the best results come from sustainable habits rather than brief flirtations with perfection

Adaptable & progressive

Each workout includes a short technique video that introduces the exercises and demonstrates a variety of ways to modify them. You'll be encouraged throughout to adapt any movements that you can't yet manage, and given options for how to do this.

This will enable you to workout safely and effectively regardless of your starting point fitness, and make continual progress throughout the Challenge.

Lifetime access

It's a 6 week challenge and we'll be working through it together but... you can take as long as you like!

You'll have permanent access to the program so you can work your way through it in your own time and continue to come back to the workouts as often as you like.

BONUS coaching

Join me for 3 exclusive trainings on nutrition, habit building and mindset & motivation.

Get set for the 6 Week Fitness Boost for £69 £50


Exclusively on the Boost app!

All workouts and content are available and easily accessible on the Boost Wellbeing & Performance app, where you will have lifetime access to the program.

Available on iOS and Android

You'll love these workouts... or your money back!

I'm so sure that you'll love the workouts in the 6 Week Boost Challenge that I'm willing to back them with a 100% money back guarantee.

Download the app, try the first week of the Challenge and if you aren't completely satisfied in the first 7 days just reply to your confirmation email for a no-question refund.

Get set for the 6 Week Fitness Boost

for £69 £50

How does the Challenge work?

There is a sequence to the workouts and a fun 'challenge' element, but the workouts are yours to keep and return to as often as you like long after the 6 weeks are over.

You can repeat these workouts as standalone training sessions, pull together 2 (or even 3!) for a longer workout, or combine them with other training you may be doing.

You can even just use the exercises as inspiration to add into other workouts and begin developing your own favourite routines! We'll be using nothing but bodyweight so you already have all the equipment you need.

As part of the special Spring edition of the Challenge I will also be delivering 3 exclusive Zoom coaching sessions on nutrition, habit building (and breaking!) and mindset & motivation

18 unique workouts

Each week for 6 weeks you will have 3 unique workouts to complete.

3 workout formats

There are 3 workout formats split into approximately 9 minute blocks and each workout includes two of these blocks.

All the workouts are done 'to time' rather than for a set number of repetitions, meaning that you will always be able to complete these workouts within 25 minutes (including the warm up and stretch).

100+ exercises

18 workouts, 6 different exercises for each workout, 104 exercises included in the 6 Week Boost Challenge!

The exercises blend strength, cardio and strength endurance to build full body fitness.

Technique coaching

Each workout includes an additional technique video with demonstrations, important coaching points and progressions & regressions for how to modify the exercises.

The workout videos themselves are follow-along style where I'll take care of the timings and keep reminding you of the correct technique.

Track your progress

The Challenge begins with a fitness assessment that will give you a baseline level.

We'll repeat the same assessment in the middle and again at the end so you can track your progress and gains in fitness.

About George

George Anderson is a wellbeing and performance expert and for the last 20 years he has worked with thousands of individuals to help them take more of the right actions in their lives.

A career in personal training lead to developing a deeper interest and education in behavioural sciences such as positive psychology, mindfulness, NLP and neuroscience coaching.

A veteran of delivering online courses and working with clients remotely, George brings a relaxed energy to his workouts and programs that aligns with his 'progress not perfection' philosophy.

Through applying his strategies and approaches to his own training, George has completed two 100 mile ultra marathons, 10 back to back marathons and an ironman triathlon.


Do I have to do the workouts on a set day and time?

You can do the workouts whenever you like! There are 3 a week though you can repeat them if you want more, and of course integrate them with other workouts or training you're already doing.

Do I keep the workouts at the end of the 6 weeks?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the app and all the workouts and other content in the program.

What if I have an injury and can't do some of the exercises?

You should always get a medical professional or qualified physical therapist to give you the all clear before beginning an exercise program, but even then you need to be mindful of your limitations. All the exercises have clear explanations and demonstrations including options to progress or regress, or even swap them for alternatives.

What if I don't know how to do the exercises?

As well as the follow along workout videos, each workout has a separate intro video with technique demonstrations and coaching points to help you get the best from them. I repeat many of these in the workouts themselves.

I can't make the live coaching webinars are they recorded?

All 3 of the bonus coaching webinars are recorded and will be available on the app the following day. These aren't mandatory or mission critical, but if you want additional guidance with nutrition, building (or breaking habits), motivation and mindset they'll be a valuable resource for you

Get set for the 6 Week Fitness Boost for £69 £50