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Calling myself out

It felt GOOOD yesterday to have a bit of a running-themed writing blowout! Thanks to everybody who got back to me to tell me that they've already tried out some of the 5Ls of running efficiency and more importantly that they had some kind of impact! I talked yesterday...

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The 5 Ls of Running Efficiency

The more efficiently you can run, the further or faster you can go with the same effort. Learn how to apply each of these 5 simple technique components, and notice what you notice about your running.

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Saving the planet one starfish at a time

In the picture on social media, I was enjoying a peppermint tea in a takeout cup. I really didn’t think anything of it, until I had a couple of comments and messages about the environment, and how I should be using a cup-for-life. Has it changed my mind?

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