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Let the app take care of the interval timings so you can concentrate on the running

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Easily see the runs you have completed and the progress you are making towards becoming a runner


Beginner's Luck author & coach George Anderson will be in your ear throughout each run to help guide and motivate you

Additional Programs

The Beginner's Luck lives on the Boost wellbeing & performance app, which gives you access to numerous other programs to support your running

“Hi George, I started the beginners guide today. I really enjoyed the format and thought it was an excellent idea for you to talk through the techniques as I was going through the programme. It made the time pass really quickly"

"I think I like it cos I’m so busy listening and trying to follow George’s tips that I’m not worrying about anything. Again looking forward to the next one!"

“I just did the first and loved it! Time flew as you kept talking and giving advice and I found it took my mind off what I was doing. Looking forward to the next one!”

"Started it this morning and it was great, I really liked having the voice in my ear keeping track of everything for me, made it so easy. Even made me laugh a couple of times! The running was ok as well!”

“It's a great help with the time keeping for running and walking! - probably the most important thing for me. The posture and breathing reminders are perfect, and needed especially as I get more tired during the last parts of the session. The motivational talk is great, both while running and as a motivator for the next run."

- Rikard

"Don't know how I managed it, it felt uncomfortable at times, but managed all the minutes jogging. Passed quite a few people too including a runner but I didn't care! I couldn't have down it without the app & you guiding the session, giving positive messages, & including run times - I'd been worried about watches, GPS, setting intervals etc but the app makes it all so easy & motivational.”

“I absolutely love the app! It's very clear and has the right balance of encouragement and knowledge, good job! And for the money it's an absolute bargain"

- Helen

"The app is great. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but to have you "chatting" all the way through is certainly a highlight for me. I know I'm only 2 runs in but the breathing tips have been light bulb moments for me”

Easy access to all the Beginner's Luck sessions

Easily find your next run or choose to repeat a previous level... with just a couple of taps your 5 minute coached warm up will begin and George will be with you every step of the way!


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