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"I always wanted to learn to run, but at school I was the kid who skived off from cross country and went and got a coffee and then did the last 500m of the run wheezing and stitching.

I have been looking for a way to start learning to run in the body that I have now, at 43 and not as fit as I know I can be.

I’m mentally ready to become much more than I am at present; to pace myself and improve my fitness and fall in love with running at the same time.

I found your book and now am just going to start my second run tomorrow.  

Thank you for what you do and how you communicate your message, as what you do enables others to find strength and hope within themselves.

It already feels life changing for me - 7 minutes of running and that is only the beginning!"

- Zoe

"Eight weeks ago I was a 55 year old man weighing 97kg who couldn't run for 50 metres. I now weight a little under 90kg, can run for nearly an hour and no part of my body has yet collapsed" 

- Jules Holden

"Just what you need to get started. Easy to follow and great advice. I love the Golden Key :). Super Book" 

- Mac1

"A well worth read. I was a non runner and it gives great motivation. I'm currently on week 7 and can't wait to be able to run non stop for an hour" 

- Rosemary Cosgrove

"The book explains everything you need to know and give links to other stuff too. Although there is a 10 week plan, it is just a guide and provides a good structure for a beginner like me. Thanks to some basic fitness, I started with 5 minutes slow jog intervals.

Thanks to the "Golden Key" I managed it easily and amazed myself. It has taken longer than 10 weeks, due to other commitments, but yesterday I completed 60 minutes non-stop jogging! If you'd have told me that in Feb this year I would never have believed it - George makes the seemingly impossible, possible" 

- Jenni

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