Motivational Speaking

Wellbeing in the workplace

George has had a great impact on the mental and physical health on our colleagues who want to improve their health and lifestyle. He delivers high-powered, high-energy messages that are easy for the team to understand and prioritise, turn into practice, and then into habits

Mike Ashley

COO, Wickes

Drawing on his personal and professional experiences, George challenges and encourages audiences to question their own beliefs. Not just about what is possible for them to do, but for how they can be.

George’s client list includes


  • British Land
  • Broadgate Estates
  • Dell EMC
  • Travis Perkins
  • Wickes
  • Oxford University
  • Zero Degrees West
  • NHS
  • Dun & Bradstreet

He speaks at schools and colleges, universities, companies of all sizes and to groups of people interested in wellbeing, both physical and mental.

Whether he’s speaking about mindset and personal leadership, the link between physical and mental wellbeing, or the power and purpose of community, George Anderson connects with audiences by embracing his own vulnerability and imperfections. He uses the experience of failure and self-limitation as steps on the way to success.

Talks and Presentations

George delivers a variety of keynote talks on physical and mental wellbeing, motivation and mindset

Wellbeing Workshops

Create a deeper understanding of wellbeing and mindset with one of George’s 90 minute to 3 hour workshops 


Located in the heart of the French Pyrenees, George runs regular long weekends of adventure and personal development.

George delivered a wellbeing session at an away day in the Summer and had an immediate impact on myself and the team. What started out as a bit of HR box ticking has turned into a company-wide revolution! We’ve since launched a number of initiatives and George is coming back in the New Year to move things to the next level. We know there’s a link between wellbeing and creativity, so for a business like ours this is a no brainer.

Jodie Waterhouse

CEO, Zero Degrees West