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After graduating with a Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering, George Anderson knew that he didn’t wish to spend his working life as an engineer.

He began working on his true passion – wellbeing and fitness – initially as a personal trainer.

Realising that his “genius zone” was working with runners, he was invited to become the training partner of the Reading Half Marathon and began delivering training workshops to local runners of all abilities, from beginners to seasoned competitors.

A failed attempt at an eCommerce business in Ireland, brought an unexpected benefit: the realization that he had inadvertently gained a significant on-line following and used this to take his workshops to the growing number of Irish runners.

With a number of programs and courses for established runners, George turned his attention to complete beginners, and wrote the book Beginner’s Luck Guide for Non-Runners.  Identifying the most common pitfalls and problems faced by this group, he systematically (and gently) overcame them with his innovative program.

The book became a course in self-belief rather than just about physical fitness, as thousands of people began to rewrite their own stories of personal success, having previously told themselves that they weren’t capable of achieving their ambition.

George has applied this same approach to problem-solving to his personal challenges. 10 consecutive marathons in 10 days, two 24-hour, 100 mile ultra-marathons, an Ironman Triathlon and a local charity version of Strictly Come Dancing have all been ticked off by disrupting conventional thinking on what is – or is not – achievable.

Ten years after starting to share his ideas around wellbeing and running with his email subscribers, George set up the Facebook group On The Wagon. Quickly growing to over 5000 members, the group started as a personal challenge to create daily, engaging content, and to provide an environment which allowed his followers to share their own experiences, successes and challenges.

With his philosophy of ‘progress not perfection’ and a commitment to consistently turn up to support his tribe, the group has evolved into one of the most supportive, judgement-free and empathetic communities on the Internet.

Many claim the group is instrumental in positively impacting their mental health.

Drawing on these experiences, George challenges and encourages audiences to question their own beliefs.  Not just about what is possible for them to do, but for how they can be

George’s impressive client list includes British Land, Broadgate Estates, Dell EMC, Travis Perkins, Wickes and Oxford University.  He speaks at schools and colleges, universities, companies of all sizes and to groups of people interested in wellbeing, both physical and mental.

Whether he’s speaking about mindset and personal leadership, the link between physical and mental wellbeing, or the power and purpose of community, George Anderson connects with audiences by embracing his own vulnerability and imperfections. He uses the experience of failure and self-limitation as steps on the way to success.

Listening to George is not “hearing a speech”.

It is an invitation to accompany him on a journey, for your benefit.