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Inspire | Inform | Impact

For over 20 years George Anderson has inspired individuals, teams and organisations to take more action so that they can perform better.

His interactive keynotes and masterclasses leave audiences with a sense of ‘I can do that’, helping them connect the dots between wellbeing and performance, and acting as the catalyst to change that moves them into action.

George’s simple 3 step approach to all of his keynotes and classes is to INSPIRE, INFORM and IMPACT. His authentic energy and relaxed storytelling style engages audiences of all levels, whilst his wealth of knowledge and experience allows him to teach the tools and strategies that make a real world difference.

He combines tens of thousands of hours of coaching and training experience, a wide and deep knowledge of evidence-based wellbeing research, and his own personal experiences of taking on ultra-endurance challenges.

Most of us don’t need more information, we need more implementation. George’s aim is to help more people bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Unique Approach to Wellbeing

“George ran a wellness programme for my team at Salesforce and provided some great strategies to help them manage their energy.”

- Musidora Jorgensen, Head of UK Energy & Utilities, Salesforce

George’s engaging style of delivery, peppered with personal insights and subject matter expertise is a winning formula … leaving his audience’s inspired to take positive steps for themselves and their direct reports. Would highly recommend George for his delivery of masterclass leadership sessions.

- Gila Stockell, Leadership & Development Consultant, Atkins

“George has had a great impact on the mental and physical health on our colleagues who want to improve their health and lifestyle regimes. He has delivered high powered, high energy messages that were easy to understand and prioritise for the team. His daily blogs and other available material have been constantly used to reinforce messages that can and have turned into practice and then habits.”

- Mike Ashley, Chief Commercial Officer Wickes

“George brought an engaging and interactive presentation to the delegates. Most importantly each came away with a nugget of information that they can deploy in their work”

- Andrew Mather, Managing Director CS2 Chartered Surveyors

“George energised our teams with his engaging style, and everyone had practical and actionable take away from the session. When wanting to perform at our best at work, it is essential to understand how to feel and be our best self first; and George can support any team with achieving this”

- Boris Huard, Managing Director, EMEA at GBG Plc

“George has run a ‘How to thrive’ session for my work team. After a big shift from office to working from home routine, while going through some major changes and dealing with a pandemic, the team needed something to help them not only to survive but thrive in life. George delivered just that and his personal style made the session a fun one, full of personal anecdotes and real life examples. It was a huge success and we have all walked away feeling more energised and equipped with tools and techniques to help us take the knowledge and really implement in our work as well as personal lives. Everyone found it hugely beneficial and since then, we have referred to How to Thrive session on many occasions and used it to help us find a solution and sometimes explain why we feel the way we feel. George is an amazing coach and a fountain of knowledge, I would highlight recommend him”

- Marzena Brachman, Regional Head of Training at Nestlé Coffee Partners

“George gave a fantastic virtual keynote that struck the perfect balance between relaxed and laidback with engaging and insightful. His session touched on unique advice with the extremely prominent, relevant and personal topic of dealing with stress. I found the session useful and a lot of the advice given will positively affect me going forwards. I’d recommended him to any employee of any seniority in any business, really impressed”

- Daniel Tear, Management Consultant at Atkins

"George is a truly inspirational speaker and the sessions he delivered had a really positive impact on all our colleagues"

- Lauren Mintrim, Talent & Engagement Manager, PeoplePlus

"When George presented his wellbeing workshop I must admit that initially I was sceptical. I understood the importance of wellbeing but my life was too hectic and I didn’t have the time to make the changes. But 8 weeks later I’ve lost 18lbs, killed my sugar habit, my glucose levels & blood pressure have normalised & my wife seems to be constantly amused by the number of vegetables I'm eating. George’s non-evangelist approach and ‘progress not perfection’ philosophy helped me start making changes and maintain the momentum. Having experienced the difference first hand it’s no surprise that we’ve invited him back in present his workshop to more members of the team!”

- Phil Brennan, Senior Director Dell EMC

“George delivered a wellbeing session at an away day in the Summer and had an immediate impact on myself and the team. What started out as a bit of HR box ticking has turned into a company-wide revolution! We’ve since launched a number of initiatives and George is coming back in the New Year to move things to the next level. We know there’s a link between wellbeing and creativity, so for a business like ours this is a no brainer.”

- Jodie Waterhouse, CEO Zero Degrees West

“George gave a keynote called 'Don't just set goals, create habits!' and it was one of the most impactful presentations I've attended. I fall into a comfortable majority that make token attempts to exercise more and eat more healthily etc and then after a few weeks it's back to normal. This session gave real tools to help change how I look at things and help form effective habits which are still improving. A really engaging session that gave me tangible ways to improve my wellbeing"

- Mark Hall, Senior Internal Auditor at LV=

“Following yesterday’s announcement about the introduction of yet another lockdown, I found myself reaching for my notes from the session that George ran for me and my team after lockdown #1. The ideas on stress-busting and wellbeing helped me tremendously today and will no doubt come into play again while manoeuvring through the challenging weeks and months ahead. As 2021 is set to be yet another difficult year for us all, it is evident that George’s work is more important and topical than”

- Vincent Macias, VP, Commercial Operations, UK & Ireland at Valneva

“George develops and delivers practical content in a hugely motivating way so that it is hard not to be curious about following up ideas shared and challenges set. As a learning and performance specialist I left with a fresh perspective on well known ground: no mean achievement”

- Jarlath Brine, Staff Development Manager, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

Keynote Topics

George's knowledge, tools and strategies are encapsulated in a series of engaging keynote talks suitable for events from conferences to off-sites. Here is a selection of some of the most popular topics:


How To Thrive

An absence of mental ill health isn't health, it's languishing. Learning how to set up your day can break you out of the 'meh zone', and boost your energy, happiness and engagement.



In this session we’ll explore the mindset, psychological and neurobiology of motivation, and how you can master the techniques that will supercharge your engagement and drive


Cultivating Resilience

Set backs and adversity, failures and mistakes - they all have the potential to derail your progress. Your ability to reframe and rapidly return to your best is a key determinant in the impact these challenges can have on your performance. In this session you’ll learn how to cultivate a foundation of resilience and the battle-tested strategies you can use to bounce back better.


"I know what to do, but I just don't do it!"

How to take more of the right actions, more consistently, for longer.

Vague ideas or even concrete intentions aren't enough to bring about change without implementing the actions that will have the impact. This motivating habit building presentation is packed with tips and strategies that will help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing.


Setting Great GOALS

How to set and achieve the goals that will challenge and change you. Learn how to overcome self-sabotage and build relentless forwards progress with the Great GOALS system.

About George

After graduating with a masters degree in automotive engineering, George decided to follow his passion and pursue a career in the fitness and wellbeing industry as a personal trainer.

Over the past two decades he has delivered over 18,000 hours of client training, as a personal trainer and performance coach.


Every successful accomplishment on George's impressive ultra endurance CV is the culmination of dozens of mistakes, failures and lessons. The stories he shares with his audiences are of the transferrable skills of motivation, resilience and mindset, goal setting, wellbeing and habit building.

  • 10 back to back marathons in 10 days
  • Two 100 mile, 24 hour ultra marathons
  • Ironman triathlon
  • Frog Graham Round - 42 mile ultra swim-run
  • 12 hour treadmill ultra marathon

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