Learn how to cultivate a positive mindset through simple daily actions, with George Anderson


Do you ever find that you have a negative voice in your head?

Do you often focus on what might go wrong, rather than what might go right?  

Or make a mistake, and then spend days beating yourself up for it? Talking to yourself in a way you would never dream of speaking to anybody else?  

Or automatically think about the worst possible consequences when even the smallest thing goes wrong?  

If this describes what sometimes goes on inside your head... then you're not alone.  

When we get stuck in these negative thinking traps it can affect everything from the way we feel to what we do... or don't do.  

Feelings of shame, guilt, regret, disappointment and anxiety, and sabotaging the progress you have made with your healthy intentions are all direct results of what you say to yourself.

We are born cautious

We all have a built in 'negativity bias', which means that we are more likely to notice the things that could harm us, than those that could help us to thrive.  

It's what's kept us safe as we evolved over millions of years, where danger was just around the corner, and every club-weilding man, berry, and saber tooth tiger was out to get us.  

Even though most of us have much greater physical safety in today's world, when it comes to things that could wrong there's a part of our brain that firmly believes it's 'better to be safe than sorry'.

Have you noticed how some people are...

- Always so positive - Able to bounce back faster from set backs - Always motivated - More optimistic  

What's their secret!  

The good news is that there isn't one.

Cultivating a more positive mindset and taking control of our inner voice is something we can all get better at.

How to cultivate a positive mindset

A positive mindset doesn't mean that we only ever have happy, fluffy thoughts about rainbows and unicorns.  

That negative voice inside your head isn't going anywhere, but what we can do is stop paying it so much attention.  

With regular practice, it's possible to become more capable of separating the 'emotion from the information', challenge limiting beliefs and take more of the actions that will help keep you moving steadily towards your goals.

Mindset & Motivation Workshop

For a couple of hours on October 22 I'm going to be sharing some of my insights into how we all have the potential to create a more positive inner voice, become more optimistic, and find deep wells of motivation we never knew we had.  

In the workshop we will be looking at a number of simple, quick, practical daily actions that you can start doing immediately to help you to achieve this.  

We'll take a look at the science behind these techniques, but more importantly you'll come up with a plan of exactly how you are going to incorporate them into your daily life.  

You'll understand how to recognise the progress you are making, and find the motivation to keep going with your practices, as you shift the needle towards more positive self-talk.

By the end of the workshop you will have the tools to:

- Increase AWARENESS of your negative thinking traps  

- Stop them in their tracks and identify the difference between what's REAL and the MEANING you make of it  

- Increase SELF-CONFIDENCE, with less second guessing yourself  

- Recover from SET BACKS faster, without mentally beating yourself up for days on end  

- Start shifting the needle towards a more OPTMISTIC and POSITIVE outlook

Book a seat at the workshop for just £35


Your Coach: George Anderson

George is a wellbeing, performance and mindset coach, trainer and International speaker and has been helping individuals and organisations for over 20 years.  

His programs, courses, coaching and communities have helped thousands of people develop healthier, sustainable habits that have made a positive difference in their lives.  

He has run two 100 mile ultra marathons, 10 back to back marathons, learned to swim to complete an ironman triathlon and - on the 2nd attempt - completed the 40 mile, 4 lake swim 'Frog Graham Round' ultra swim run earlier this year in the Lake District.  

A best selling author, motivational speaker and performance coach from right here in Long Crendon, this workshop has been developed using some of the latest research in positive psychology, resilience and neuroscience.

Mindset & Motivation for ALL areas of your life

Mindset affects all areas of our life. Whether we're at work, with friends, partner or our family, we are ALWAYS inside our own heads.  

Our thoughts are a constant companion, and although we're not always aware of how positive or negative they are, they will still have an impact on the way we feel.  

As is so commonly the case, we may well be holding together a successful outer image, yet still be struggling on the INSIDE.  

Taking control of your thinking is taking control of your life.


Where: The College Farm, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9AP  

When: 10am to 12pm Saturday November 16 2019  

How Much: £35  

Travel: Recommended by car

Book a seat at the workshop for just £35