Just 10 Minutes


Could you benefit from having a few more positive thoughts in your head each day?

Or challenging some of your negative thinking, improve your confidence or belief in yourself?  

Just 10 Minutes is 30 days of 10 minute positive audio messages, from me to you.  

Covering a wide range of positive subjects including resilience, self-talk, gratitude, mindset, optimism, confidence and recovery.

Emailed to you daily, so they're there ready for when you need them the most

Get 'Just 10 Minutes' for just £10, and start changing your mindset TODAY!  


“Loving the insights, and think the format and concept is great - 10 minutes is Goldilocks! - Not too short and not too long... Just the right amount of time to squeeze into the start of a busy day”

- Simon 

“Wow George these clips are POWERFUL. They are a perfect length where I can focus without feeling pressured or guilty for taking time out from a ridiculous schedule”

- Chrissie 

“I'm feeling very empowered and starting to take the control back that I'd thought I'd lost. This is in all areas - eating, exercise, career, relationships and family life and its only day 6!"

- Ash 

"Just wanted to say that today’s recording really resonated with me. I’ve never really thought it through, but I have a certain fixed idea of myself and that has affected how I set my goals and what I think I can achieve. This made me think that maybe I need to reassess my view of myself"

- Tinja 

How to change your mind

Your mindset and the way you see the world ae NOT set in stone.

Positive thinking isn't just sticking your head in the sand and hoping everything will turn out alright.  

But it IS possible to become more optimistic, more positive, more motivated, more resilient and more connected to your goals, and to the world around you.

Just 10 Minutes aims to help you with just that, through a steady drip feed of encouraging messages, challenging your thinking and suggesting alternative points of view.

Each morning for 30 days a fresh new message will drop into your inbox like a old friend putting a comforting arm around you

Covering subjects such as resilience, motivation, beliefs, self-talk and common negative thinking traps.

Some may resonate more than others, and when they do, who knows what kind of a difference they could make in your life.

Get more daily positivity with Just 10 Minutes