10 day 'How To Thrive' boost Course

Learn how to build the most effective habits that will help you to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE, regardless of whatever else is going on around you

Do you find yourself constantly tired, mentally drained or emotionally wrung out? Like you're always a step behind where you should be, and no matter how much you get done you never feel like you're making progress?

When we feel overwhelmed with everything going on, restricted with what we can do, and unsure about what the future may look like, our systems go into survival mode.

We do what we need to do to muddle our way through the day, making sure everybody else is ok but never seeming to have the time or energy for ourselves. Not exactly 'living your best life', is it!

You know that it's not sustainable, but at the same time you're not sure what you need to do about it. There's not enough spare mental bandwidth to figure it out without getting even further behind and feeling even more overwhelmed.

As you look into the uncertainty of the future you're torn between resigning yourself to 'just getting by', and refusing to settle.

The good news is that there are a number of simple strategies you can quickly learn how to put into practice that will start to nudge the needle from survive to thrive.

Practical habits that don't take long and make an immediate difference.

And mindset habits that start to change the way you make sense of things.

If you're currently in 'survival mode', WANT to change, BELIEVE you can change and are prepared to invest 30 minutes a day into working on yourself so that you CAN change, enrol today on my 10 day ‘How To Thrive’ boost course.



Get the 10 day How To Thrive course today for just £30, and start putting into practice the simple changes that will move you from survive to thrive.

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You Will Learn...

  • What's stopping YOU from thriving right now (and how to unblock it)
  • How to recognise your personal warning signs for when you're reaching chronic stress, overwhelm and the cusp of burnout
  • The limiting beliefs you are clinging onto that are holding you back
  • How to go back to being a human BEING, and not a human DOING
  • Why investing a few minutes to set up your day correctly can make it easier to thrive
  • How much connection you really need (it may not be as much as you think!)
  • The practical and thinking habits that will enable you to continue thriving long after our 10 days are over

How It Works

The course takes 10 days to complete, you can start when you're ready, and take as long as you like to complete it! There's no rush, and some lessons may resonate more with you than others so you'll want to sit with them for a little longer.

And that's ok... you move through it at your own pace and may even decide to run through it for a second or third pass once you have completed it for the first time.

The material is yours to keep, with no time limits or expiry date.

Each morning you will receive an email with that day's lesson.

IMPORTANT: You need to set aside 15 minutes in the morning to read the lesson, and do The Work!

This is an ACTION program, and if you don't believe you have 15 minutes to invest in yourself at some point in the first few hours of the day, then you won't find it makes a huge amount of difference in your life.

But if you're ready to make the time and do The Work, then I will guide you through the steps for what to change practically, and how to think differently that will have the biggest impact on your life.

At the end of the day you will receive another short email from me, inviting you to reflect on that day's lesson.

IMPORTANT: you need to set aside 15 minutes in the evening to reflect on the day, no matter how you think it has gone!

Don't worry, I'll be guiding you through this process of reflecting 'through the lens of curiosity rather than judgement', I won't just be asking you vaguely to write about your day!

That's a total time investment of 30 minutes a day, for 10 days, or 5 hours to complete the course and make a difference in your life.

Before deciding whether or not to commit to the How To Thrive course, please be absolutely certain that you are ready to prioritise these time blocks. The course won't work unless you do :)

If you have to miss a day here and there for whatever reason then you can just pick up where you left off, but consistency will build momentum and each lesson will enhance the one before it.

As well as the written email, you will have access to a private area of my website where all the course material will be located, including audio versions of each of the daily lessons.

How To Thrive Course

How To Thrive is a stand alone course, where you will have everything you need to just run with it at your own pace.

Here's What's Included

  • Daily email lessons helping you craft your own personal thrive formula
  • Downloadable audio versions of each lesson
  • Lifetime access to content in private area of website

Your Trainer: George Anderson


For over 20 years I have helped individuals and organisations take more action so that they can thrive in their lives.

From personal training and boot camps, to conference keynotes, online programs and performance mindset coaching, the breadth and depth of my experience and education has enabled me to figure out the strategies that work.

More importantly, how to help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

I live with my wife, 3 children and Labrador Tarka, and when I'm not working with my clients I take on silly challenges like running 100 mile ultra marathons, ironman triathlon or doing 1000 burpees!